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HR Effectiveness

You can also access this article and many others in Issue 245 of Talent Edge Weekly.

AI has significant potential to unlock capacity and productivity in HR. A BCG analysis suggests that AI can boost HR productivity by up to 30% across the HR value chain. To tap this potential, HR leaders must carefully choose which AI use cases to explore to add value for organizational stakeholders.

In this article, IBM’s Chief HR Officer, Nickle LaMoreaux, shares how IBM started its AI in HR journey and gathered quick wins.

  1. Criteria for Selecting Use Cases. The HR team targeted high-volume work areas, repetitive tasks, processes employees find tedious, and critical moments where accuracy and speed are crucial.
  2. Result. One result of this effort was the introduction of AskHR, a digital AI assistant that now answers 94% of HR FAQs and policy questions worldwide, reducing task completion time by over 75%.
  3. A Few Lessons. The article covers five lessons learned in implementing AI in HR, including: start small and experiment. Learn as you go, fail fast, and be agile. Start with the use cases rather than technology.

To supplement this article, here is my editable AI in HR use cases worksheet to help HR practitioners think through use cases they might pursue. Also, here is a new article by Dave Ulrich that can help HR leaders assess their effectiveness in applying AI in HR to enhance organizational performance and business effectiveness.