Three Resources for Developing Aspects of HR Strategy and Priorities | BCG, Gartner, and SAP

HR Effectiveness

As HR leaders finalize and/or get ready to share their priorities for the new year with various stakeholders, I wanted to reshare three resources that can guide these efforts. 1) This Gartner resource provides a template to a) identify a shortlist of metrics to describe the HR function’s target state, b) document and monitor key assumptions, c) identify key initiatives and milestones required to move to the end state, and d) craft a concise statement that captures the essence of the strategy. 2) This 40-page BCG report segments 32 HR and Talent practices into three categories of urgency based on the organizations’ current level of capability and each topic’s future importance. HR leaders can use this as a reference when framing their HR priorities. 3) This 16-page SAP Thought Leadership paper includes 100 questions (spanning eight talent categories) to help HR teams think critically about their organizations’ talent priorities. It provides criteria for selecting key performance indicators (KPIs) that can show progress toward addressing these questions. These three resources provide incremental value when forming elements of HR strategy and priorities.

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