Three Steps to Turn Your Company into a Learning Powerhouse | BCG

Talent Development

Most organizational leaders understand the critical role that learning and development (L&D) plays in enabling employees to learn, adapt, and acquire the skills they need to achieve company objectives. However, only 15 percent of leaders believe their organization has fully delivered on this capability. This in-depth article provides a series of tools and questions that can help firms assess and identify opportunities for enhancing their L&D capabilities. Among the various tools is a 5-component framework–consisting of 18 dimensions–that depicts the L&D ecosystem. Sample questions for assessing each of the 5 dimensions include: Strategy. Does your company have a clear purpose—a “why”—for learning? Organization. Does your company have a learning culture that the senior executives promote? Offering. How well does your company assess and address individual and collective learning needs? Enablers. Does your company have the tools and technology—to measure, support, and continuously improve the learning ecosystem? Learnscape Integration. Is your company taking advantage of the entire learning landscape (e.g. external networks)? The article also includes an L&D maturity framework that consists of four maturity levels that can be used to further identify improvement opportunities.

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