Time to Rethink Talent in The Boardroom | Deloitte Insights

Talent Management

Many organizations’ boards of directors are increasingly exercising closer oversight of talent and workforce-related topics. To understand how boards are approaching these issues, the Deloitte Global Boardroom Program conducted a survey involving nearly 500 board members and C-suite executives in over 50 countries, spanning various industries and company sizes. Key findings reveal that:

  • only 36% of respondents believe the conversations within the board are sufficient to fully explore the talent agenda, indicating a gap between what boards know and what they feel they need to know.
  • The top two talent and workforce-related priorities of boards are: a) aligning workforce-related investments with strategic priorities and b) maximizing benefits through the integration of technology and the workforce—both tied at 42%; c) building a resilient pipeline of talent for top leadership closely follows at 40%. 
  • When assessing workforce-related risks impacting organizational performance, 78% of respondents highlight skills and talent availability as the top risk. 

Although addressing standalone talent and workforce topics is crucial, Chief HR Officers must integrate interconnected workplace topics into an overall talent narrative. With this in mind, I am resharing The Conference Board’s report, Telling the Human Capital Management Story. This 20-page report includes ideas on how to communicate and tailor the messages of an organization’s talent narrative to different stakeholder groups while still drawing from a single source of truth.