Top 40 Chief HR Officer List for 2023 | N2Growth

HR Effectiveness

As the role of the CHRO continues to become increasingly recognized as vital to organizational success, it was nice to see this list of the 2023 top 40 CHROs, published by N2GROWTH. The publication recognizes Chief HR Oiffcers for excelling in their role and continuing to make an impact in redefining HR. Twelve criteria were used to evaluate and select CHROs, including 1) Talent Magnet: Their prowess in attracting and retaining top talent. 2) Culture Architects: Their significant influence in molding organizational culture. 3) Leadership Development. Their adeptness in nurturing leaders, using data-driven strategies to engage high-potential talent innovatively. Although this list is not all-inclusive of the many Chief HR Officers who are making a significant impact in their organizations each and every day, it does represent a strong showing of CHROs. Congratulations to all CHROs who were recognized in 2023! As Chief HR Officers continue to drive personal, team, and organizational effectiveness, I am also resharing my one-page PDF, which includes 15 resources that CHROs can leverage for five topic areas: 1) AI in HR, 2) Transitioning to a New HR Role, 3) HR Strategy and Operating Models, 4) CHROs on the Board, and 5) CHRO Effectiveness.