Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2024 | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

It’s that time of year when numerous reports are released on the opportunities and challenges HR leaders will prioritize for their organizations in the upcoming year. In line with this theme, Gartner has published this 22-page paper outlining the five key areas HR leaders will prioritize for 2024. These priorities are based on survey responses from over 500 HR leaders across 40 countries and various industries. The five priorities are 1) Leader and Manager Development, 2) Organizational Culture, 3) HR Technology, 4) Change Management, and 5) Career Management and Internal Mobility. The paper delves into driving forces, emphasizes critical actions required from HR leaders, and offers recommended next steps for each priority area. For instance, regarding HR Technology, HR leaders face the challenge of managing an increasingly complex HR technology portfolio, with 56% admitting misalignment between HR technology solutions and strategies and present and future business needs. Page 12 provides nine crucial questions for evaluating four aspects of HR technology, including Governance, Workforce Readiness, Risks and Ethics, and Vendor Landscape. Each section of the paper offers valuable insights for HR leaders and their teams as they refine their plans to deliver stakeholder value in 2024. Additionally, I’ve included my one-page cheat sheet from last year, which integrates the 2023 HR priorities identified by seven different sources. This reference provides a basis for comparison with 2024 reports as they are released.