Top CHROs Believe ‘Flexibility Within a Framework’ Is the Future of Work | Gallup Workplace

Workforce Trends

While CHROs and their teams help their firms transition into a post-pandemic world marked by hybrid/remote work, they continue to think through the implications for every aspect of HR. This article summarizes the concerns that Gallup’s CHRO Roundtable members—the biggest group of large-company CHROs—globally face regarding remote work. For example, one of the less talked about challenges of remote work has been addressing unauthorized relocation during the pandemic. As noted in the article, “although physically and theoretically people can work anywhere, they can’t be employed everywhere, so CHROs must choose between expanding employee location options or reeling in their rogue employees.” CHROs are tackling this issue by opting for a hub model, which requires employees to live within driving distance of a central office location. “Workers will choose their hub based on their job duties and function and will be expected to be on site at certain times. Though it narrows the labor pool, it substantially cuts companies’ travel expenses while sustaining flexibility.” Other challenges are discussed, such as employee experience and culture in a remote environment.

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