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COVID-19 has driven profound, multi-faceted changes to mostly all aspects of business, work, and the workplace. And with the pandemic showing little signs of slowing down, many CHROs and their leadership teams continue to evaluate and redirect their HR priorities for the upcoming year. Based on six HR leaders’ feedback across various industries, this article includes ideas on how HR functions are adapting to the new normal and offers five HR priorities for 2021: 1) Supporting Individual Wellness, 2) Driving D&I, 3) Revamping Workforce Planning, 4) Leaning on Learning, 5) Developing Talent Pipelines. Concerning workforce planning (WP), one firm reports using artificial intelligence (AI) to help overcome the challenge of talent planning in an uncertain environment. This organization uses a bot to analyze various data points and determine an initial assessment of talent as part of its talent review process. The firm reported that this approach is more rigorous, faster, and provides visibility into new insights leveraged for better WP. Other ideas are discussed for each of the five priority areas. In case you missed it, you can also check out Gartner’s Top 5 HR Leader Priorities in 2021. 

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