Towards a Reskilling Revolution | WEF

Talent Development

As technology evolves and assumes more workplace tasks, many employees will continue to need reskilling in order to operate effectively in the current and future work environment. And although organizations continue to make employee-reskilling initiatives a priority, it is important that these investments target skills areas that provide a strong ROI. In this 60+ page report by the World Economic Forum, insights are provided that can help organizations separate work tasks that can be automated, from tasks that can be shifted to gig workers, and, finally, work that needs to be performed “in-house” by employees. Skills that are needed in-house can serve as the basis for reskilling efforts. The report has too many insights to mention but covers things such as a) top emerging and declining jobs in the US, b) comparing skills demand, 2018 vs. 2022, c), top 10 global work preferences of employees, and job seekers. Beginning on page 31, there are “5 Industry Roadmaps” which have examples of depicting challenges and opportunities related to the transformation of workforces in these industries. These roadmaps help with workforce planning but also can be used for career planning where organizations share information with workers about job roles that may become obsolete and point workers to transition opportunities that are becoming increasingly important.

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