Transforming Talent Acquisition for the Future Report | Alexander Mann Solutions

Talent Acquisition

Covid-19 continues to transform the talent acquisition (TA) landscape. And as TA functions continue to adjust their practices & approaches to reflect a new environment, this 28-page report provides several insights on how the crisis has shaped TA this year & into the future across North America, EMEA, & APAC. Page 16 shows how eight components of the TA process (e.g., Recruitment Marketing, Sourcing, Screening, Assessing, Interviewing, Hiring, Onboarding, Candidate Care) have evolved & how it has stayed the same. The report notes that, for many companies, there is currently no standard around measuring and improving quality of hire (QoH). And in a post-pandemic world, firms will need to reimagine what defines QoH, which should go beyond performance and retention. QoH might reflect the extent to which a worker demonstrates attributes–such as emotional intelligence, resilience, and flexibility– that are increasingly essential to many firms’ organizational culture and new ways of work.

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