Two Resources to Help Accelerate the Transition into a New Chief HR Officer Role

HR Effectiveness

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Have you recently transitioned into a new Chief HR Officer (CHRO) role, or are you planning to do so? CHROs provide crucial support to other leaders when transitioning into a new role. Similarly, HR leaders themselves require support during such times. Here are two resources to help:

  1. Spencer Stuart: The CHRO Playbook: Getting Off to a Strong Start as a New Chief Human Resources Officer. This playbook features an 8-point, transition plan, offering strategies to avoid common pitfalls, such as failing to engage early with board members about C-suite succession.
  2. RBL Group (by Dave Ulrich & Norm Smallwood): I’m the New Head of HR, Now What? The First 90 Days. An article that presents 5 critical questions (with sub-questions) that new HR heads should address within their first 90 days. For instance, “Do I walk the talk about our business?” includes probing questions like, “Do I understand how we make money?”

From my experience, one critical action that CHROs often delay is assessing the quality of their direct report team. It’s essential to undertake this assessment early and use multiple sources of information for an effective evaluation.

Whether you are an aspiring CHRO, new to the role, or an experienced Head of HR transitioning into the position at a new organization, both resources provide helpful insights.

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