Understanding AI in HR: A Deep Dive | Josh Bersin

HR Technology

This new 20-page report by Josh Bersin offers insights on AI in HR, covering various aspects such as AI technologies, vendor distinctions, and factors to consider for investment decisions. Page 17 presents 15 questions for organizations to ask vendors regarding their AI capabilities, including data sets, bias mitigation, industry-specific testing, and compliance with AI regulations. A few questions include: What data set or sets are you using to train your models? Can we see your research on bias and how you’ve reduced or eliminated it? If you are a skills vendor: How do you maintain your skills taxonomy? How is your system compliant with new AI regulations like those in New York? How does your system use human feedback to improve models over time? Can we talk with customers using your AI and see how well it performs? Figure 4 also provides a framework for comparing vendors. Since this paper requires a direct download from the Bersin site, you will need to provide them with the requested information to receive the report. For additional resources on AI in HR, you can check out my AI in HR Playlist, which includes a curated list of 5 resources for using AI in HR.