Unlocking Change Management with People Analytics | BCG

People Analytics

As organizations continue to quickly transform in response to COVID-19 and the future of work, the change management of these efforts will be critical to success. This article by the Boston Consulting Group focuses on five key elements of people analytics (PA) that can be used to help organizations drive successful change. While each of the five areas is important, one area in which PA can facilitate change is in Behaviors and Ways of Working. PA can help reveal inefficiencies and ineffective ways of working and behaviors such as “ the amount of time devoted to certain meetings may be disproportionate to the relative importance and decision rights of those meetings.” Or identifying more broadly how “executives who spend more than one-third of their time in internal meetings—or sales executives who spend less than two-thirds of their time with clients—are generally ineffective in their jobs.” These and other ideas are discussed. Also, Exhibit 1 shows the five areas in which PA can facilitate change, associated metrics, and the practical application of each area.

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