Untangling The HR Tech Market 2021 | HR Tech Conference Keynote – Josh Bersin

HR Technology

While the HR technology market was already undergoing radical changes, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this disruption. Faced with a more significant number of employees working remotely and an overall need to leverage AI and automation to transform their workforces, organizations are working hard to identify the HR tools and technologies in which they should invest. With this as the backdrop, this year’s HR Tech Conference (which was virtual and took place last week) was especially timely for many organizations that seek guidance as they make these decisions. Josh Bersin used this 85-page deck in his keynote address as he shared insights on eight HR tech areas: 1) Core HR Systems 2) Talent Management  3) Employee Voice Platforms 4) New Generation Learning Platforms 5) Careers in the Future of Work  6) Wellbeing Meets Employee Experiences  7) People Analytics 8) Creating an Employee-Centric HR Tech Architectures. This reference is essential for all buyers and decision-makers of HR technology platforms.

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