Using Artificial Intelligence for Human Resources and Talent Management— Playlist

HR Technology

Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology for various talent and HR practices—such as recruiting, employee engagement, and performance management—has the potential to revolutionize HR and various talent management practices. As HR leaders and their teams explore these technologies and their use cases, I have pulled together this one-page PDF with 5 resources. These resources address different considerations for AI-based tools in HR, such as:

  • promoting the responsible use of AI technologies in HR
  • understanding how AI works and derives its predictions and inferences—a process known as “explainable AI”
  • risk-mitigation strategies for overcoming common challenges of implementing AI tools in talent management
  • different use cases for AI in HR.

They include resources from The World Economic Forum, Josh Bersin, and the  Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), to name a few.  Each resource can help educate purchasers of these platforms on the various components of AI—increasing the likelihood of selecting the right technologies for their organizations while mitigating risks.