Video: Microsoft Workplace Analytics Interview | MeeTime

People Analytics Podcast | Webinar

Workforce and people analytics continue to be a capability that many organizations seek to build as they make data-driven decisions that can help drive outcomes of interest, such as productivity, engagement, and efficiency to name a few. In this 45-minute video discussion, Sawyer Kelly and George Honiball, from Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics team, provide various insights on how to use the Workplace Analytics platform– a tool that uses the power of Office 365 (Outlook email, meetings, and MS Teams) in order to gain insights into how collaboration happens in an organization, how organizations spend its time, and how people network within organizations, to name a few. As mentioned by Sawyer, “80% of the value you get out of certain use cases can come out of 20% of the insights,” suggesting that just a few insights can potentially drive a disproportionate impact. As collaboration continues to become increasingly important–particularly in a remote work environment–the video offers some good suggestions and tips for those who use MS 365. Even if you don’t use the application, it provides some ideas on the power and application of workforce analytics.

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