Video: Postpandemic Planning Framework | Gartner

Podcast | Webinar Workforce Planning

This 5-minute video presents a framework that enterprises can use to structure their planning for possible outcomes after the pandemic. It recognizes that while we are all sharing the same pandemic, different enterprises–as well as parts of the enterprise–will take various paths based on their unique situations. The framework aims to provide leaders with an approach and common language for post-pandemic planning. The video introduces the key elements of the framework, including 1) The phases — Respond, Recover, Renew, 2) The triggers for these phases — Lockdown, reopen and new normal, 3) The outcomes — Retire, reduce, return, reinvent and rescale and, 4)The most common inflection points. Organizations can use this framework and other insights offered in the video to determine workforce planning implications and responses for each path. The link also allows you to access a Powerpoint slide that illustrates the framework. 


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