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A few weeks ago, I posted on and shared the 63-page Women in The Workplace 2020 report from Lean In and McKinseyOne of the report’s several findings is that 1-in-4 women are considering downshifting (working in a reduced capacity) their careers or leaving the workforce due to the pandemic. In this 4-minute video news segment, Rachel Thomas, CEO of Lean In, elaborates on a few findings from the report, highlighting what some call a “Female Recession.” Rachel mentions how three women’s segments have been especially impacted by the pandemic: 1) mothers – who are doing more caregiving at home than before and concerned that their performance is being negatively judged  2) senior-level women – who feel they need to be working harder and are burnt out, 3) Black women – who are less likely to feel supported at work during COVID-19. I also include here a 90-second news segment from NBC news where Vicky Nguyen talks to women from across the US, many of whom say they were forced to choose between family and career.

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