Voice of The CHRO: Evolving the CHRO Role in A Rapidly Changing World of Work | Mercer

HR Effectiveness

The evolving responsibilities of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) demand that CHROs adapt and learn quickly to enable their effectiveness and that of the HR function and organization. To identify opportunities for enhancing CHRO capabilities, Mercer’s 2023 Voice of the CHRO Survey explored the viewpoints of more than 100 CHROs based in the United States, representing various industries. Despite 86% feeling adequately prepared (including 79% of first-time CHROs) for their role, about 40% expressed a need for deeper understanding in non-HR domains such as finance, operations, and data analytics upon assuming the CHRO role. Both seasoned and first-time CHROs report seeking skill diversification due to the proliferation of transformative technologies reshaping work dynamics and the HR function itself. The paper provides ideas on how CHROs can make these shifts. As CHROs continue to develop in various areas, I am resharing my one-page summary of 15 resources categorized into five sections: 1) AI in HR, 2) Transitioning to a New CHRO Role, 3) HR Strategy and Operating models, 4) CHROs and the Boards of Directors, and 5) Attributes of Effective CHROs and Determining the Effectiveness of an HR team. This curated resource aims to assist not only existing CHROs but also individuals aspiring to the role.