Ways HR Leaders Can Prioritize and Reprioritize Talent Initiatives | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

As HR leaders and their teams face decisions to reprioritize talent initiatives, this Gartner article titled— Build a Winning Talent Strategy for the New Talent Landscape— includes a talent initiative prioritization matrix (p.8) for making these choices based on two factors:

  1. The potential business impact of the talent initiative on creating organizational value.
  2. Complexity and investment — the level of coordination and support required (complexity) and the degree to which the initiative requires resources or adjustments to team responsibilities (investment).

From these two factors, four types of initiatives emerge—ranging from Actionable Initiatives to Parking Lot Initiatives.  HR leaders can refer to this prioritization tool (and incorporate other decision factors unique to their organization) when faced with decisions to reprioritize talent initiatives.