Webcast: Excellence in People Analytics with David Green | NYU SPS Human Capital Program

People Analytics Podcast | Webinar

This one-hour webcast discussion is the first event of NYU’s SPS Human Capital Management Program’s Fall 2021 Virtual Book Launch Series. It was hosted in partnership with the NYC HR Analytics Meetup on September 8, 2021. It includes a special talk by author David Green, followed by a Q&A forum facilitated by Dr. Anna Tavis, Academic Director of the Human Capital Management Department at the NYU SPS. It is always enlightening to hear David speak on the important topic of people analytics and share various insights from his book, Excellence in People Analytics: How to Use Workforce Data to Create Business Value, released on July 27, 2021 and co-authored by Jonathan Ferrar. Among the many topics that David covers are the “Nine Dimensions of People Analytics (PA) Excellence” in which top-performing PAs functions excel. David notes the nine are not sequential, so it is possible to address them in different orders of implementation. He breaks down each dimension so that practitioners can answer the following questions:  1) How can I improve my impact? 2) How can I create more value, and 3) What should I focus on? The Q&A starts around the 41-minute mark.

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