Webinar: How to Crush Bias in Performance Management | Talent Strategy Group and Angela Lane

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One goal of effective performance management (PM) is to provide objective and fair performance feedback. And while managers seek to achieve this goal, PM is imperfect and subject to bias. In this one-hour webinar, Angela Lane and Marc Effron offer various tactics for reducing PM bias. One tactic is to use process design as a lever for eliminating PM bias. An argument for using processes to mitigate PM bias is that firms have more control over the process than they do over the individual behaviors of every single manager. Said differently, the process can have a disproportionate impact since it can help people focus on 1) being aware of how bias can show up in the process and 2) flags when bias might be present. For example, by default, a process leads to “more, diverse eyes looking at something” — meaning the more people who see it, the more input you get, the more likely you can identify outliers and potential biases (e.g., performance calibration sessions). As mentioned by Angela, gender biases can impact the type of feedback, coaching, and performance review one receives. (e.g., women get less feedback.) In case you missed it, you can see my post on Angela’s and Sergey Gorbatov’s article “, The Real Reason Women Aren’t Advancing,” which covers gender bias in performance and development feedback.

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