Webinar: How Work is Transforming in the COVID Era | ADP-Bersin

Podcast | Webinar Workforce Trends

In this 75 minute webinar conducted on October 21, 2020, Josh Bersin and a panel of senior HR executives discuss how work has transformed over the past months due to the pandemic and the actions that organizations are taking to enable the needed change. For those of you who found value in the report that I shared last week from IBM and Josh Bersin Academy, Accelerating the Journey to HR 3.0: Ten Ways To Transform In a Time of Upheavalyou will see that at the 19:30 mark of the video, Josh talks about the top 10 HR practices (that enable HR 3.0) that were identified in the report. Please note that you will need to provide a name, email, and some other information to access the webinar, which takes fewer than 30 seconds to complete. After intros and housekeeping items, the conversation starts around the 4-minute mark.

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