Webinar: HR Cost Optimization | Gartner

HR Effectiveness Podcast | Webinar

Prior to the current coronavirus pandemic, HR leaders and their functions were, in many cases, facing pressure to reduce costs without comprising value. Undoubtedly, that pressure continues to intensify during the pandemic and will persist well beyond the crisis. As many HR functions are already operating on lean budgets, it is a challenge to make cost-cutting decisions without diminishing value. And in some cases, these decisions are made from a short-term perspective which can be detrimental to the long-term business priorities and strategy of an organization. In this one hour Gartner webinar, they review a more strategic approach to cost management that balances tactical cost-cutting with optimizing HR value to the organization. At about the 21:30 mark of the webinar, they begin to present a framework for making such decisions. Please note that when you open up the link, you will be asked by Gartner to provide an email address. This is necessary in order to view the webinar and download a PDF of the presentation.

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