Webinar: Performance Management in the Pandemic | Betterworks and Josh Bersin

Podcast | Webinar Talent Management

In this 55-minute webinar, Josh Bersin shares his findings and insights into what performance management (PM) practices can be changed or adopted to drive results since the pandemic. And since PM can be an overly complex process, Josh discusses how firms can simplify the process and get it down to four foundational elements: 1) Setting Goals , 2) Learning, 3) Feedback and 4) Differentiation. Josh also discusses how firms can leverage aspects of PM to create a resilient business, primed for decision-making and leadership in the face of uncertainty. These aspects include Health and Wellbeing: take care of people and their families, Business Agility and Change: drive agility and change through mission, and Adaptive transformation: reinvent work, jobs, and talent practices. Josh’s segment begins at the 2:20 minute mark after the introductions. For other PM articles, check out Gartner’s September issue of HR Leader’s Monthly, which has nine articles on PM, including one on rewarding employee performance that begins on page four.

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