Webinar: Top 5 Post-COVID Workforce Planning Questions Answered With Analytics | Gartner

Podcast | Webinar Workforce Planning

This 60-minute webinar discusses how data and analytics can answer some of the most pressing strategic workforce planning (SWP) questions. And although the webinar incorporates some promotion of Gartner’s technology capability in this area (as do all platform-based webinars), the discussion provides useful ideas on data-driven SWP. A few of the topics covered include conducting competitive talent demand and supply assessments, understanding skills that are becoming more important or less important, and how to make decisions regarding remote or hybrid work environments. There is also a short segment on the Top 5 Digital Skills by Demand Growth in Each Non-IT Functions. For HR, the top five are 1) Robotic Process Automation (RPA), 2) Data Insights, 3) Power BI, 4) Augmented Reality, 5) Data Strategy. You can find this information for other functions on page 27 of the presentation deck, which I also include here as a supplement to the webinar.  To access the webinar, an email address is required.

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