We’re Running Out Of Workers. Now What Do We Do?| Josh Bersin

Talent Development

In this article, Josh Bersin addresses the challenge of talent shortages and how it will continue to be a key issue for organizations in the years to come. As organizations continue to compete for external talent, the article raises the need for a talent strategy that creates an internal “talent marketplace.” Stated differently in the article, “we have to shift to a world of -creating candidates- not attracting candidates.” Such a strategy aims to first hire people with the potential to grow and develop, and then accelerate their development through internal mobility, upskilling, reskilling, to name a few. Other suggestions are offered for closing talent gaps such as creating opportunities to empower and re-engage older workers as well as reaching into the education system and non-traditional sources of talent. While organizations develop their workforce planning strategies through Build, Buy, Borrow, and Bot tactics, they should factor in the disproportionate impact that the Build component can have on closing talent gaps in today’s business context.

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