What AI Regulations From the EU and FTC Mean for HR Practitioners and HR Technology | Toolbox HR

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As interest in AI in the workplace increases, questions about how AI works to ensure fair and equitable outcomes have come under scrutiny. This article shares the HR technology implications of the European Union’s proposed AI regulations and the Federal Trade Commission’s guidance on commercial AI. The EU’s proposed legislation (more long-term) focuses on regulating AI’s potential risk to individuals. The FTC proposed legislation through a blog post that can help regulate bias and misleading AI advertisements immediately. As organizations await more guidance, this article provides tips on how HR leaders can employ ethical principles when evaluating AI-based HR technology, including Ask providers about the AI: How is the AI’s success measured? What justifies this as AI? What specific technologies does this rely on (NLP, open graph, emotion recognition, etc.)? What are its specific outcomes? Ask providers about ethics: How were the data and AI assessed for any bias or discrimination? What potential risks have the company considered when thinking about AI? How much transparency does the company provide regarding its AI? Other ideas are discussed.

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