What Does the Future of Work Mean for HR Business Partners | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

This article provides ideas on how Human Resources Business Partners (HRBP) can create value for organizational stakeholders. It starts with the premise that HRBPs must understand the trends that will shape how work gets done in the future, as well as the key actions HRBPs will take to support the line in operationalizing these trends. The article integrates several trends into seven implications that will guide the work of HRBPs. Among the seven implications are: 1) Fairness and Equity Become Top Priorities, but Hybrid Harms DEI Efforts, 2) Hybrid Drives More Turnover, and 3) Automation Changes the Manager Role. For each implication, recommended actions are offered. For example, as emerging technology automates many managerial tasks, HRBPs will work with managers and leaders to spotlight empathy as a key capability for people leaders to succeed in their roles. Given the updated scope of people leadership, HRBPs will work with Centers of Excellence leads to adjust high-potential employee selection criteria and successor matching to prioritize human leadership skills. Even if you are not an HRBP, the article provides insights into how HRBPs will partner with various organizational stakeholders to deliver value. For a bonus article on increasing the strategic impact of HRBPs, check out Gartner’s article, How to Identify and Overcome Barriers to Strategic HRBP Impact.