What Executives Are Saying About the Future of Hybrid Work | McKinsey

Workforce Trends

Although many firms have or plan to implement hybrid work models, this article outlines how many still lack details on executing a permanent mix of remote and on-site working. Based on a survey of executives, nearly a third of them say that their organizations lack alignment on a high-level vision among the top team regarding hybrid work. And for another third of organizations with a more detailed vision in place, only one in ten have communicated that vision. This article shares practices that have enabled firms to crystalize and execute their hybrid approach, including 1) when changing processes that support remote/hybrid work, take a “test and learn” approach where processes are iterated and tweaked as context shifts. 2) while most firms have changed their hiring practices to reflect a hybrid work, leading firms have holistically redesigned their entire hiring process3) leading firms have provided support in helping their managers and leaders develop skills that enable them to lead effectively in a hybrid work environment, such as providing feedback and showing empathy. You can also check out a post I made about another McKinsey article, What Employees Are Saying About the Future of Remote Work.

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