What Generative AI Means for Your Talent Strategy | Gartner Business Quarterly 3Q23

Talent Management

The use of AI in the workplace is gaining increasing support from organizational leaders despite initial concerns. A recent poll of 240 U.S. CEOs conducted in October 2023 by Chief Executive revealed a significant shift in their attitude toward AI. In February 2023, only 23% of these CEOs were considering the use of AI tools, but within just eight months, 53% (a 130% increase) now see practical business applications for generative AI. As AI becomes more integrated into the workplace, talent practitioners must assess its impact on talent strategies and the workforce. In this context, this new Gartner paper provides insights into identifying and navigating these impacts, including Figure 1, a Talent Impact Matrix for Generative AI highlighting nine specific scenarios requiring talent development and workforce planning investments. As a bonus, here is another new article by Gartner, “Prepare for AI Regulation by Addressing 4 Critical Areas,” which discusses the need for organizations to prepare for AI regulation in four critical areas, including 1)Transparency About AI Use, 2) Risk Management, 3) Governance, and 4) Data Privacy. In case you missed it, this recent study by BCG Henderson Institute shares how Gen AI improves, as well as detracts, from the performance of skilled workers on different types of tasks. These resources can assist leaders in preparing for multiple aspects of AI in the workplace.