What HR Leaders Need to Know About ESG | Gartner

HR Effectiveness

Chief Human Resources Officers continue to play a more prominent role in their organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG). To help HR Leaders develop a better understanding of the core concepts of ESG and how they can embed them in talent processes and practices, this Gartner article provides insights for answering three questions: 1) Who are the stakeholders with whom I need to partner on ESG?, 2) How should I support my organization in setting priorities for an ESG program?, and 3) What is my role in ESG reporting, action planning, and improvement processes? Regarding HR-related issues concerning the “S”ocial aspects of ESG, these issues can include: DEI, women’s empowerment, pay equity, employee well-being, and corporate commitments to employees. Other social issues may include workplace and consumer safety, responsible innovation and marketing, economic development, and data protection and privacy. As a bonus, I am resharing The HR Policy Association’s report, ESG and the Role of the Chief Human Resources Officer: A Best Practices Study. While this 39-page report is a few years old, it provides ESG best practices from CHROs of large organizations.