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Digital HR (the process of changing operational HR processes and tools to become automated and data-driven) continues to be a key priority for many organizations. And as with other HR priorities, recent events have brought digital HR into sharper focus as many organizations are now working feverishly to find ways to leverage digital technology and applications for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and development to name a few. By driving these areas through digital capabilities, HR teams hope to achieve greater efficiency, provide a better employee experience, and enable time savings that allow a greater focus on high-value work. While now is a good opportunity for driving positive changes in these areas, it also presents the risk that organizations will rush into making technology or digital application decisions without full consideration of the outcomes, capabilities, and experience they hope to derive from their digital efforts. Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to digital HR is that if an organization simply purchases a technology or application, it will make things “better.” And although these components are vital to digital HR capabilities, it is important for organizations to first think through questions such as: What outcomes are we trying to achieve from a digital HR strategy? What type of workforce do we need to operate in a digital environment? What type of culture supports these ways of working? Which processes will need to change? How will these changes enable us to operate more effectively and have more time to innovate? How will these capabilities work together to create a cohesive experience? Questions like these can help to unveil some useful insights that inform an organization’s digital HR strategy and next steps. This article provides a primer on various aspects of digital HR that can be a good starting point for organizations that are looking to create or refine their digital HR strategy.


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