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HR Effectiveness

According to a recent Human Resource Executive survey of more than 300 HR executives from mid-to large-size employers across multiple industries, employee retention is the top HR challenge. This was the first time that retention made it to the top of the list, replacing employee engagement –the top challenge reported on the previous 3 surveys. One likely factor fueling the retention concern is the tightened labor market which tends to produce more job opportunities /options for workers and in turn, leads to an increase in the number of quits or voluntary separations. With many organizations paying annual bonuses by this time of the year, this concern becomes more acute, and “retention risk” is more likely to convert to employee turnover. This has a ripple effect across all parts of the business, including HR where more time is then allocated toward recruiting, onboarding, and training new workers, which distracts from other important issues, further fueling the concern. However, those organizations that have focused on creating an impactful employee experience, culture, and developing talent during the last few years are less likely to be as impacted by this concern–stressing the importance of these areas. What is your top HR, business concern and what are you doing about it?

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