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As the business environment, labor market dynamics, and organizational priorities and talent needs continue to shift at an accelerated rate, an organization’s ability to execute agile talent management (TM) practices seems more critical than ever before. However, agility (the ability to move quickly under frequently changing circumstances and business priorities) is only one part of the equation. The other part is effectiveness– ensuring that the talent practices employed do indeed accelerate the execution of a business strategy and achievement of desired outcomes. Plus, these practices need to be integrated and produce a “good” experience. While agility, effectiveness, integration, and experience are vital to TM, organizations can find it challenging to deliver any of these aspects let alone all of them. This Talent Quarterly article expands on the notion of the “talent ecosystem” that jettisons “discrete calendar-driven talent programs and that have siloed talent functions” in favor of agile TM. Insights and examples are provided. Also, good advice to “avoid the pitfalls of a tech-first approach” and to first focus on identifying needed capabilities and new ways of working prior to determining tech solutions.

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