What is the Truth About Pay? | ADP Research Institute

Workforce Trends

Pay equitycompensating employees the same when they perform the same or similar job duties while accounting for other factors, such as their experience level, job performance, and tenure with the employer (SHRM)continues to be a topic of interest for many organizations. And while one lever for driving pay equity is pay transparencythe degree to which an organization openly and proactively shares information about salariesthis new 36-page report by ADP Research looks at other factors influencing how workers feel about pay equity. The research explores questions such as: Does gender affect one’s feeling about pay? How about one’s race, or education level, or part-time versus full-time status, or the length of one’s tenure within an organization?  While various factors, such as tenure and level of education, do not appear to influence the perception of pay equity, other factors do. For example, people who divide their time between home and onsite work are the least likely to say that their pay is unfair. Non-hybrid, onsite workers are the most likely to say their pay is unfair. When workers do work they enjoy and are good at, they are much less likely to say they’re paid unfairly. The data-based insights from this report provide a more holistic view of the various factors that influence workers’ perceptions of pay equity. ADP Research Institute is also conducting a webinar on March 2, 2023, where they discuss aspects of the report.