Who Hires Fastest? New LinkedIn Data Ranks 10 Key Job Functions | LinkedIn Workforce Insights

Talent Acquisition

As organizations strive to swiftly fill their vacant positions with top-tier talent, a commonly employed recruiting metric for gauging hiring efficiency is time-to-fill (TTF). While debates persist about its accuracy and utility, TTF is still one of several metrics that can shed light on recruitment practices. This LinkedIn analysis explores TTF measures of ten job functions and examines whether this measure is influenced by job level (e.g., executive). Researchers calculated the median TTF for each function, measuring the gap between LinkedIn job listing and official confirmation of hiring. A few findings: 1) Finance roles display the second-lengthiest TTF at 61.7 days, with Consulting being the longest (62.9 days), while Marketing (48.6 days) and HR (50 days) have the shortest TTF. 2) Higher seniority only slightly prolongs hiring, challenging conventional assumptions. Irrespective of TTF, recruiters can help their organizations pinpoint where workflow bottlenecks (e.g., time to schedule interviews, post jobs, collect feedback from interviewers, etc.) detract from hiring. With this in mind, I am sharing this HBR article, “40 Ideas to Revitalize Your Hiring Process.” And, considering that a contributing factor to hiring delays revolves around certain managers being resistant to considering nontraditional candidates who do not fit narrow selection criteria (e.g., years of experience) despite possessing the requisite skills, I am resharing the Gartner article “Overcome Hiring Manager Resistance to Nontraditional Candidates.”