Will AI Fix Work? | Microsoft 2023 Work Trend Index Report

Workforce Trends

AI in the workplace is one of the most prominent and highly discussed topics in organizations today. To shed light on this topic, this newly released 29-page Microsoft Work Trend Report explores the opportunities and challenges associated with AI’s integration into the workplace. Based on a survey of 31,000 global workers, labor trends from the LinkedIn Economic Graph, and trillions of aggregated Microsoft 365 productivity signals, the findings point to three primary insights for business and HR leaders as they look to adopt AI quickly and responsibly. 1) Digital debt is detracting from innovation. The inflow of data, emails, meetings, and notifications has outpaced humans’ ability to process it all. Microsoft reports that 64 percent of employees need more time and energy to complete their work. Every minute spent managing this digital debt is time spent on something other than the creative work that leads to innovation. 2) There’s a new AI-employee alliance. While 49 percent of workers surveyed say they are worried that AI will replace their jobs, 70 percent are more eager for AI to help lessen their workload. 3) Every employee needs AI aptitude. For workers to reap the benefits of AI in boosting their productivity and alleviating their workload, they will need skills that help them integrate AI into their day-to-day work (e.g., Generative AI, how to write great prompts, etc.). Has your organization identified the skills its workforce will need to unlock the potential of AI and worker collaboration? Does it have a plan for developing and hiring for these skills? Other ideas are discussed. In case you missed it last week, here is a playlist of 5 articles and resources on AI in the workplace.