2021 Women@Work Report: A Global Outlook | Deloitte

Workforce Trends

This research provides insights into how gender equality in the workplace has regressed during the pandemic. It’s based on over five thousand survey responses of women across ten countries, focusing on their work lives, experiences during the pandemic, and career expectations for the future. A few findings: 1) 51% of women surveyed are less optimistic about their career prospects than before the pandemic. 2) 57% say they plan to leave their current job within two years. 3) Women’s wellbeing has fallen since the pandemic, with only 22% of women believing that their employers have enabled them to establish clear boundaries between work and personal hours. 4) LGBT+ women and women of color are more likely to report lower mental wellbeing and work-life balance than the overall sample. On the positive side, women who report working for gender-inclusive cultures report higher mental wellbeing levels, motivation, productivity, and loyalty to their employers. They also plan to stay with their employers for longer than two years, compared with women who work for firms with non-inclusive cultures. The report provides many ideas on how firms can reverse the trends negatively affecting gender equality in the workplace.

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