Women in the Workplace 2020 Report | Lean In.org

Workforce Trends

Although the COVID-19 crisis has been challenging for most employees/workers, one worker segment that has faced unique challenges is women–especially mothers, senior-level women, and Black women. According to the annual Women in the Workplace study from LeanIn.Org, one in four women is considering downshifting (working in a reduced capacity) their careers or leaving the workforce due to the pandemic. This year marks the first time in six years of the annual report that the researchers found evidence of women intending to leave their jobs at higher rates than men. Concerning senior-level women who said they are considering stepping out of the workforce or downshifting (beginning on page 24), almost 3 in 4 of them cited “burnout” as the main reason. Women with children were three times as likely as fathers to be responsible for most of the housework and child care amid the pandemic. The report also indicates that Black women are less likely to feel supported at work during COVID-19. “Black women are less likely than women overall to report that their manager has inquired about their workload or taken steps to ensure that their work-life needs are being met, and only about a third say their manager has fostered an inclusive culture on their team.” Several other ideas are discussed, including the impact of the pandemic on women with disabilities. This 63-page report should propel organizations to take bold and proactive actions to address the heightened challenges that many women are facing during this time.

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