Work 3.0: Reimagining Leadership in a Hybrid World | Center for Creative Leadership

Leadership & Culture

As many organizations shift to hybrid work models, managers and leaders must develop the skills and mindsets to lead in this environment. According to a recent 27-page Microsoft Work Trend Index Pulse report on hybrid work, one mindset shift leaders must make is: moving from worrying about whether their people are visible and working enough to focusing on the value and outcomes each employee delivers. To help leaders make the various shifts that enable effectiveness in a hybrid work environment, this new 74-page paper by the Center for Creative Leadership provides several ideas, such as: what leaders must know about the hybrid world, separating myths from reality; how leaders must frame the “tensions” and polarities in the new work environment. Page 23 includes a worksheet that leaders and teams can use to assess the group on seven factors that can affect its success in embracing and operating in a hybrid work environment. These factors include: Industry: Are we a services or a highly operations-oriented industry? Role/nature of work: Is there sensitivity around data and information my team handles, or does my team’s work involve handling physical machines/tools at the workplace? Both reports provide insights to help leaders and their organizations speed up the shift to effective hybrid work.