Work Will Never Be the Same—Savvy Business Leaders Are Adapting to Change That’s Already Here | BCG

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Hybrid work, employee wellness, and diversity and inclusion are just a few of many workplace topics that have received heightened attention over the past two years. And while these topics are sometimes presented as standalone priorities, leaders responsible for planning and executing multiple workplace priorities must look at them in aggregate. This BCG article provides a framework for organizing four components of work and the workplace, including 1) how we work, 2) how we lead, 3) how we organize, and 4) what we need? For example, “how we work” taps into things such as new work models, digitization and artificial intelligence, removal of inefficiencies, and prioritization of what matters most, to name a few. Using categories such as these provides a way for organizing, integrating, communicating, and deploying various talent strategies and initiatives. For another helpful BCG resource, check out its 40-page report that organizes 32 HR and people practices across nine clusters (see Exhibit 2 on p.6). This framework provides another way of organizing multiple HR and talent practices.

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