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Workforce Planning

Both strategic workforce planning (SWP) and AI in the workplace are currently commanding the attention of numerous organizations. Despite being frequently addressed separately, there is a strong interconnection between both topics. For example, AI has the potential to automate specific work tasks performed by workers, creating an opportunity for organizations to free up worker capacity. Said differently, while one SWP strategy aims to increase capacity by acquiring new talent, another tactic involves unlocking the capacity of a firm’s current workforce by offloading some of their tasks to AI, subsequently reallocating capacity to tasks better suited for humans. Within this context, this new 48-page report provides valuable insights, with Figure 10 on page 37 illustrating how work and roles can be reallocated to AI. As organizations assess the impact of AI on various roles and tasks, Deloitte AI Institute’s report, Generative AI and the Future of Work, is also a helpful reference, presenting a framework for categorizing four types of impacts that AI can have on jobs and work tasks. These impacts range from Automated Tasks (machines or AI perform the task best) to Augmented Skills (Humans working with machines/AI perform the task best). Other ideas are discussed in both reports.