Workbook: Workforce Strategies for a Post-COVID-19 Recovery | Deloitte

Workforce Planning

As HR practitioners continue to lead their organizations through the recovery phase of the pandemic and beyond, this workbook provides a useful tool for organizing and capturing strategies and tactics. Three phases of the crisis provide the foundation for this editable PDF. 1) Respond – dealing with the present situation and managing continuity, 2) Recover – learning and emerging stronger, and 3) Thrive – preparing for and shaping the “new normal.” For each of the three phases, the workbook enables practitioners to document actions across three dimensions. Work – Are we returning to the way we worked before or adopting new ways of working? Workforce – How do capacity, capability, and affordability affect workforce design after the crisis? Workplace– What did we learn about working in the flow of life? How did it impact work when the boundaries between work and life are blurred? There are several other questions for practitioners to consider. Since organizations are in different phases of the recovery, not all of the questions will apply to every organization. However, the tool provides a useful framework for developing and coordinating several strategic actions.

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