Working Fathers Concerned When It Comes to Caregiving Responsibilities, etc. | Perceptyx

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Last week I made a post on how the COVID-19-driven remote work environment has been especially challenging for many working mothers who have to balance work, teaching, feeding, caregiving, and other home responsibilities. In a recent survey by Perceptyx, the results show that anyone who is a caregiver (e.g., a parent without child care, caring for aging parents or family members battling illness) is more than twice as likely to report that their remote work environment harms their productivity and focus, to name a few. Caregivers are almost twice as likely to say the company’s response has not minimized stress, regardless of whether caregivers work from home or in an office location. Interestingly, working fathers are beginning to worry more than mothers across several areas, including caregiving responsibilities, job security, and job productivity – a full 18 percentage points higher than mothers. As noted in the article, these differences may be due in part to a new level of awareness fathers are experiencing when it comes to caregiving and family needs. Recommendations are offered on how organizations can support caregiver employees, including individualized accommodations, based on unique caregiving responsibilities.

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