Workplace Trends 2023: Brace for Mutual Impact | Visier

Workforce Trends

This 77-page report provides 10 workforce and workplace trends that will carry over or become more prominent in 2023. The trends range from topics on pay transparency to employee retention. On page 17, the report mentions how organizations must continue to prepare for different futures they might face (i.e., scenario planning). As HR leaders and their teams help their organizations prepare for different scenarios and determine how talent needs might shift, I am resharing three resources they can leverage 1) A one-page editable PDF by Xplane that helps organizations identify four “what-if” scenarios they may face in the future, define the “conditions” that would trigger each, and develop a response for each scenario. 2) Gartner’s Scenario Implication Diagnostic, which provides over 60 diagnostic questions to help understand the implications of internal and external factors that can inform different scenarios. 3) Deloitte’s – Using Scenario Planning as Inflation Continues to Rise.  A 17-page deck that provides a framework (page 6) of four scenarios that may occur in the context of inflation. While this resource describes inflation-driven scenarios, the approach and examples apply to scenario planning in general.