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The term “Great Resignation” yields about 2,880,000 results in a Google search, at the time of this writing. And just like any other term or phrase that becomes popular, it’s challenging to separate fact from fiction when evaluating data and information that are presented on that topic. This article provides a few data points to understand active job search activity globally, by industry and function, ending 3Q21. One in five employees, on average, is actively looking for a new job. 31% of IT workers actively sought a new job in Q3 2021. Among industries, the number of active job seekers is highest (25% to 36%) in telecommunications, technology, oil & gas, and financial services, and lower in education, healthcare, real estate and government (14% to 15%). Latin America has the highest percentage of active job seekers (24%), on average, while Europe and North America are lowest (16%).” To anticipate and mitigate turnover, the authors recommend organizations answer six questions, including: How in demand are your employees? How confident are your employees that they can find a new job? How closely does your hybrid work strategy match employee preferences? As firms continue to assess and act on employee retention risks, I am resharing this bonus Gartner reference, CHRO Guide: Reinvent Your Employee Value Proposition for a Postpandemic Workforce.

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