Best Practices for AI and Workplace Assessment Technologies | Future of Privacy Forum

HR Technology

Organizations are rapidly integrating AI tools into their hiring and employment strategies to better match candidates with appropriate roles and streamline decisions in recruitment, hiring, and career progression. However, these tools carry inherent risks that, if unaddressed, could adversely affect job candidates and hiring organizations. While regulators continue to provide guidelines for responsible and ethical AI use, a gap remains as practices and knowledge continue to evolve. To help bridge this gap, the Future of Privacy Forum has published this 18-page report outlining Best Practices for the development, implementation, or expansion of AI tools in employment decisions. The report breaks down practices into six crucial areas: (1) non-discrimination, (2) responsible AI governance, (3) transparency, (4) privacy and data security, (5) human oversight, and (6) alternative review procedures. One recommendation regarding transparency is disclosing details to individuals affected by AI tools, including the tool’s purpose and how it is used, what it isn’t used for, how the AI learns, and assessments for potential discriminatory bias. Since this report is full of ideas and practices, you will want to review it more deeply to obtain a complete view of practices across the six key areas