Beyond Productivity: The Journey to the Quantified Organization | Deloitte

People Analytics

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This new 70-page report provides an in-depth view of how the data an organization collects about its workforce can help generate shared value for individual workers, teams and groups, the organization, and society. For each of the four segments, the report provides multiple use cases of workforce data collected, their purpose, and their impact. For example, page 11 begins a section on the individual with examples such as: Enhance performance feedback. When gathering performance feedback, mine employee work application data to identify the coworkers an employee interacts with most frequently, who can provide the most relevant feedbackSpot hidden high-potentials. Use organization network analysis to spot influencers with natural leadership skills and outsized impact. Create opportunities for growth and movement. Use data on transferable or adjacent skills, interests, and worker activity to suggest which skills employees can develop to be more marketable and employable as organizations evolve. Also, use this data to match them to new opportunities, projects, learning, or roles. Capture informal learning and measure impact of learning. Mine work application data to track informal learning from social discussions, metaverse interactions, videos watched, articles read, use of performance support tools, and calls with mentors. Track behavior change to determine the impact of learning. Several other examples are provided that can help HR leaders and their teams think through various use cases of workforce data.