Guiding Questions for Talent Marketplace Readiness | Deloitte

Talent Development

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An organization’s ability to redeploy its internal talent quickly—where and when needed—can provide a competitive advantage. As firms build this capability, many are developing their internal talent marketplace (ITM).

An ITM is a technology-enabled platform that uses AI to match employees (and their skills and interests) to opportunities (e.g., full-time roles, part-time jobs, projects, etc.). While technology is an enabler of ITM, organizations often approach ITM as a technology initiative and give less attention to other critical components.

To foster a more comprehensive approach to ITM, this Deloitte resource comprises a set of 45 questions. The questions help an organization:

  1. Understand and articulate its current mobility practices, mindset, processes, systems, and vision for an ITM.
  2.  Identify future-state requirements (e.g., ITM purpose, data, sponsorship, change management, etc.) that inform design and tech investments.

Before tackling any of these questions, I recommend asking: 

  • What business problem will an ITM help us to solve?
  • How will an ITM enable us to deliver greater value faster to organizational stakeholders?
  • What specific ROI do we expect from an ITM? When will the ROI be realized (year 1, 2, 3, etc?)

Questions like these anchor ITM in a business discussion about enabling organizational capabilities and value creation.