Guiding Questions for Talent Marketplace Readiness | Deloitte

Talent Development

An organization’s ability to redeploy its internal talent quickly—where and when needed—can provide a competitive advantage. As firms build this capability, many are developing their internal talent marketplace (ITM). An ITM is a technology-enabled platform that uses AI to match employees (and their skills and interests) to opportunities (e.g., full-time roles, part-time jobs, projects, etc.). And while technology is an enabler of ITM, organizations often approach ITM as a technology initiative and give less attention to other critical components. To foster a more comprehensive approach to ITM, this Deloitte resource comprises a set of 45 questions. The questions help to 1) Understand and articulate the organization’s current mobility practices, mindset, processes, systems, and vision for an ITM, and 2) Identify challenge areas and the organization’s needs for an updated mobility strategy as a precursor to any talent marketplace design or technology investment. As a bonus, I am resharing my one-page editable template on 6 non-technological barriers to internal mobility These barriers range from policies that restrict internal movement (e.g., the employee must be in a role for a certain amount of time before moving to another opportunity) to narrow and irrelevant selection criteria (e.g., managers include criteria that are too specific or not relevant to success in the role and end up limiting the internal talent pool). By taking a holistic approach to ITM planning and execution, organizations are more likely to tap the potential of their internal talent marketplaces.